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Please accept our gratitude for the courteous and timely customer service given to us by your floor sales representative named Vladimir Lesso at your Southwest Houston location. We purchased a used 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan through him in July 2017. He was very attentive and made us feel like the purchase was all about us, which is what we were hoping for in a sales rep. We are very happy with the Gillman experience because of Mr. Lesso. Thank you
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I really enjoyed my visit to Gillman on Sam Houston Tollway at the Southwest Freeway. My salesman Vladimar went above and beyond the call of duty. I will use him again for my next purchase.

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From the moment that I arrived and up to and including the moment I left, I was accompanied by a first rate sales representative, Chris Adingupu. He was very knowledgeable and attentive to the requests and concerns I had in the selection of a new SUV. I was a little apprehensive about purchasing a car from Gillman due to the low ratings as compared to other Dodge dealerships. However every member of the Gillman dodge staff that I came into contact was courteous, attentive, and professional.
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I want to compliment one of your employees. His name is James Blair in the service department. My car was bought at Drivetime and I was having problems with a service place named Pepboys. Pepboys placed a fuel pump in my car twice. The first time that they serviced my car, the car technician said that it was a defective fuel pump. The second time they said that it was the defective fuel pump again. Drive Time, paid for a botched up job. Drive Time told me to go to a Dodge dealership. I picked Gillman because I had heard great things about your customer service. AAA towed my car to your dealership and I was greeted with a beautiful smile and empathy. I described my problem and he stated that it was not a fuel pump issue. James said that it was either an electrical problem or something else. James, also stated that they did not run the diagnostic settings right and that their assessment was wrong. He said that he used to work for an individual who trained him about cars. Well, James was right. I loved how he took care of me and I was treated like I was a Queen. He has only worked in the service department for only three months. I feel that he should get a raise. I applaud you for hiring an intelligent individual. Thank you also for your service department and mechanics. I am a teacher and it feels good to be pampered with people who really understand how you feel. I am not a rich person and I have been without my vehicle for about two weeks and I will be happy to drive it again. Who knows, I may even buy a vehicle in the future from Gillman. God bless you. Please make sure that James Blair knows that I wrote about his Excellent Customer Service.

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I wanted to truly thank all the sales people and managers for being so kind and friendly to my family last weekend, my son loves to film and or view videos on cars or going to car shows, we have an arrangnent that if he does good in school his reward is to go to a dealetship and film vehicles, some dealers sre not very friendly or open to this (did I mention my son is high functioning autistic) but your people were so kind to him, they allowed him to film to his hearts content, they also told him about new vehicles coming...also very understanding and encoursging and they welcomed him back anytime...thank you so much.

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To the Management and Ownership at Gillman Companies,

I would to acknowledge one of your sales representatives, Mr.  German Espinal for his exemplary salesmanship and customer service.  Last week, my wife was in the market for an SUV.  Having moved to the Houston area a few years ago, we were unfamiliar with many dealerships.  My wife was interested in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  She looked at a few dealerships and was nearing a decision. I asked her to check out Gillman as I ran across the dealership during an internet search of the vehicle.  She read some reviews on Yelp, which were not too favorable about the customer service and long wait times.  Despite the comments, I encouraged my wife to visit the dealership.  We looked at the dealership's website, inquired about the vehicle and planned to visit later that day.  Upon our arrival, German was standing out front and greeted us.  He immediately walked us to the vehicle, provided us with an overview, reviewed the features, and allowed us to test drive the vehicle.  My wife was immediately sold; however, the color and specs she wanted was not on the lot.  To our surprise, German contacted his management and team to find the exact car she wanted.  German assured us he and the team could locate the care and we could have it soon.  While the search of the car was being conducted the management team and finance team stopped by to greet us.  We were surprised that soon meant "the next day". We were immediately sold!  What amazing customer service we thought.  It took us no time to finalize the deal and sign all the paperwork.  Normally, the paperwork is a bear, but we worked with Raheem who made my wife and I feel comfortable.

The next day, German sent us both messages throughout the day on the status of the vehicle transfer from another dealership to Gillman and when we should expect to receive the car for delivery.  The best part was later that evening, German drove the vehicle to our house, provided an overview of the vehicle for my wife and even helped setting up the many apps/specs to her liking.  I must say this is the best experience I have had to date with purchasing a vehicle; so much so that my next car will be purchased from Gillman.

I realize this is a lengthy acknowledgement, but please understand how appreciative we are of German and the team there.  My wife and I could not be more proud of his service.  In addition, I will be writing a review on Yelp to acknowledge my great experience with German, the sales management team, finance team, and specifically, Raheem; great customer service.

Thank you so much, German! My wife is now a proud owner of a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum Edition!!!

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On Saturday 8/13, we had an unexpected "issue" come up with our Dodge Mini-Van heading home from a volleyball tournament. We pulled into your service department at 4:52PM and found Kevin still working. He was able to get Jay (Ishmael) to take a look at our van...even though it was his day off! It turns out that we lost a bolt on one of the brackets that holds the fuel tank...and the other 3 brackets were also loose! If Kevin and Jay would not have been so helpful, we would not have been able to get home that day...not to mention the saved money from being "stranded" in Houston for the weekend! Please thank these two men again for me and know that I have told this story to many of my friends! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting Gillman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. This came after a less than pleasant visit at another dealership, in my search for a new or used vehicle. At the other dealership I was passed over for other arriving guests (not sure why), and I was not shown one of the two vehicles I requested seeing. Then I encountered Chris at Gillman Chrysler Jeep... From the start he was pleasant, and attentive. He apologized for the nearly 3 minute wait I had before being greeted, which I had not even noticed. He began with the usual questions about what brought me to the dealership, but he was never pushy, or dismissive. He began taking notes, along with the usual salesman questions, but you get the sense that he's trying to build rapport, and not just see if you wanna buy. As a sales manager myself, you notice these things and appreciate them! We test drove the car, he asked questions, answered mine, and made me feel at ease. Once we got back to the dealership, he asked if I was looking to buy. That struck me, because he had already invested valuable time with me, before ever knowing what my readiness was. From there we negotiated, and I purchased the car I wanted most. The vehicle needed minor servicing, so I did not get it for a couple of days, but I was in no hurry, and Blake kept in constant contact, during and even after my purchase process. It wasn't until after I negotiated a deal with the finance manager Brandon Smith, who was outstanding, that I learned that Blake was very new to the dealership. Sales are sales, but service makes the difference to me. I would recommend this dealership, but especially Mr. Chris for your next purchase!!!

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I just wanted to give a special thanks to Kevin Brown in the service department. I had an issue with my Jeep Wrangler that was odd and very hard to diagnose. Kevin went out of his way to squeeze me in for an appointment and ride around with me to try and figure out the problem. He took good care of me and does an excellent job with customer service. if youre ever in need for service help or questions, Kevin Brown is the guy to call over there at Gillman SW. 

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Please post as a review: bought a truck from Gillman today!! 2015 Ram 1500. I can't not recommend highly enough!!! Our sales people, Josh and Kelsie, and financing man, Roy Thorne, were amazing, honest, compassionate, and treated us with importance and respect. I will send everyone I know to Gillman!!

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I would like to thank Mr. Johnson for assisting us in purchasing our 2011 Toyota corolla 10/16/2015, He was very patient, professional, and courteous. Also I would like to thank the Manager for working with us, and the finance managers. I have no problems in recommending your dealership to my friends and family. Thanks again hopefully this will lead into a life long relationship. I give your dealership a 5 star rating. Thanks

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September 19th, 2014

The service was great, the way they took their time to show each and every car was spectacular! Thanks Javier I got the car I was waiting for wish you the best I really appreciate the time and effort you took to get the exact car I always dream about having one day again thanks your the best!

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June 24th, 2014

To: Matt Chapman
Subject: Thank you for Such a Great Service!

I want thank you for the excellent service I received at the Gillman Automotive South West!
I want to compliment  your  General Manager Matt Chapman.
Mr. Chapman  went to great lengths to help my daughter and me  with some issues we had with a recently purchased automobile.
I have always received quality service by Gillman Southwest, and Mr Chapman extended help is a prime example of this. He knew just what to do to solve our  problem quickly and
fixed our problems beyond our expectations. Such service builds great working
relationships.  I will keep bringing all my automobile needs and referrals to  Gillman.  
The repair estimates I had received from other garages left me with little hope of a low cost repair; however, after a short conversation with Mr. Chapman he authorized for a  loaner car and sent our car for repair.
Having a Person like you Mr. Chapman, one people can trust gives a welcome sense of security in today's world. I will recommend  Gillman Auto to all my friends.
Thank you for taking the time to talk with my Daughter and me last month and treat us with such respect and dignity, We will always appreciate your gesture.

I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing our issues and complaints even with us not having an appointment.

I especially appreciate how beautiful my daughters car came out. To explain to you in simple words she almost cried of  excitement.
You fixed more than you promised and the car looked immaculate.
Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided us.

God Bless you always Mr. Chapman!

 Kindest Regards

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June 10th, 2014

To: Gillman Chrysler Body Shop
Subject: Impeccable Customer Service by Josh Collins

Good Afternoon Mr. Tailor,
I am writing this email today because I want to let you know that you and Gillman Honda should know that you have an Outstanding Employee working for your company. This email is regarding the excellent work by Mr. Josh Collins. A little background on me, I am a Proud Owner of two Honda Accords (Crosstour & Accord) purchased from your Gillman Honda location in 2012. Sometime last year, I had the unfortunate encounter of being struck by another driver in a small fender bender, whereby I brought my car into your auto repair shop to be fixed. That was when I met. Mr. Josh Collins, working in your Body Shop. Mr. Collins greeted me and was very cheerful to take on my car repair. Since the accident was minor, the other party agreed to pay for the damages directly to Honda and I was shortly on my way. At the time, Mr.Collins took good care of the repair and the process was a swift, smooth, and brief one.
Unfortunately on May 1, 2014, of this year, I was yet the recipient of another fender bender, whereby I was struck very hard from behind, by a very distracted driver. This time, I was not as lucky and neither was my car, as the damages to the back end of my 2012 Crosstour was extensive and in need of a lot of repairs. Upset about the situation, and also physically hurt, I once again took it back to Honda a couple of days later. When I arrived, Mr. Collins remembered me instantly even though my visit was short many months ago. This gave me great comfort that he would remember a former customer and he even remembered what kind of car I drove. I knew right then and there that he would be the guy to take good care of me. I say all this to say that not only was my car in bad shape but that the Other party's insurance company was not a well known, big company, and therefore the process of my claim and repairs, I would come to learn, was a very long and tedious one. They were not only extremely slow with sending out a claim adjuster, but slow to process the paperwork, approve the work, and overall tenaciously slow in the entire process of handling my claim and repairs. So much so that my car took over 39 days to have the repairs completed.  This is no way Gillman Honda or the Repair shop's fault, as the insurance claim's company was extremely slow in responding to Mr. Collins emails, and phone calls as well as mine for the entire duration.
Despite all that, Mr. Collins stayed on top of them in order to move the process along, and even kept me abreast multiple times via phone calls and emails during the initial claim and also for the supplemental claim as well. He even graciously communicated with me and kept me updated while I was out of the country for 6 days during this time, and on another family trip for another 5 days during the month of May. I am happy to say that although it's been a long wait, I received my car back today. Most people, like myself, would be so angry that the process took so long. Again, no fault of Honda or the body shop. Mr. Collins was the ONLY reason that I was patient and benevolent about the entire process because of how he handled my claim, to answering my questions, to keeping me updated every step of the way. I felt like he went beyond the call of duty to assure me that everything would be taken care of and most of all, treating me like his #1 customer.
I only hope that you continue to keep Mr. Collins onboard with your company, and even reward him for his excellent customer service skills and cheerful attitude towards customers. Mr. Collin's treatment of customers, such as myself, is not common place nowadays. I thank you very much for having him at Honda. Had it not been for him, this would not be as pleasant of an experience for me. Honestly, I hope to not come into contact with any body shop or Mr. Collins for a very long time, (for obvious reasons), however if I ever was to have any issues, or concerns, or need my car repaired, I know who I can count on to take good care of me. Kudos to Mr. Collins and Gillman Honda for having him!
Best Regards

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June 2nd, 2014

I purchased my first vehicle at Gillman. I love it. Then I went back next year and purchased a second with Erick Villalta and he made the process nice and smooth and even brought us snacks. Had a wonderful time here and so far so good.

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May 22nd, 2014;

James McGee was very helpful! wonderful customer service

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